8 Best browsers for Windows in 2022 (PC or laptop)

If you have a Windows device, you’d have pre-installed MS Edge on it. However, one browser is usually not enough. This is why most computer users depend on multiple browsers. While you might have heard of a few browsers, there are actually hundreds of browsers out there. This makes it even more difficult to choose the right one.

Different web browsers have different features. Some of them offer VPN services while others come with a built-in download manager. There are some basic services that are offered by all browsers, while others (such as Kingpin) offer a higher level of security.

Let’s take a look at some of the best browsers for Windows in 2022 (if you are a Mac user, read this article). We’ll judge the browsers keeping these criteria in mind:

  • Speed: This is the most important criterion because if pages don’t load on time, the browser becomes practically unusable.
  • Privacy: How well does the browser keeps your details secure from prying eyes
  • Navigation: How well can you navigate to other pages
  • Extensions: How many extensions are supported
  • User experience: What level of convenience does it offer to the users
  • Customization: Does it offer installation of a theme or bookmarks or other features

Based on these features, let’s discuss some popular browsers here:


Probably the most popular browser out there. It offers several features such as you can sync your data across multiple devices. Also, since it runs on several operating systems, your details can be synced on your laptop, phone, and tablet etc. It’s a pretty stable browser and is updated regularly. While it does consume a lot of CPU power, Chrome is still the most popular choice.

Chrome allows several users to log in from the same device. Just create different user accounts and you can log into your account on the same device.

Chrome also supports screen casting. If you have a Chromecast enabled device, you can cast your screen on it. All these amazing features make Chrome a very popular choice.

Cons: It consumes a lot of CPU resources.

Microsoft Edge

Currently, Windows is offering Edge Chromium browser that’s not the same as the old Edge browser. Edge ran on EdgeHTML while Edge Chromium runs on Chromium based code. It’s the default browser on Windows devices. If you don’t want to try Chrome because of privacy issues, Edge Chromium can be a good choice for you. Of course, there are higher privacy browsers as well and we’ll discuss them soon.

To log into the browser, you need your Microsoft 356 or Hotmail Live account. When you log in, your data will be synced across all devices that run Edge Chromium with that account.

One great thing about the new Edge Chromium is that it supports all Chrome extension, since it’s built on Chromium based code. It has a neat and simple design along with several features that let you share website links from your phone to desktop.

Chromium Edge can also be run on Android, iOS, macOS, and many other platforms.

Cons: It doesn’t work on previous Windows versions.


Kingpin is a privacy-centric browser that always works on incognito mode. So whatever you do on your device will be erased as soon as you terminate the session. This includes your history, cookies, and passwords. Apart from that, it also has ad blocking features. You can have an ad-free experience when browsing the internet.

The default search engine on the browser is Google but it can be changed. For privacy reasons, it’s best to change it to DuckDuckGo. If you’re browsing sensitive content, this browser can be a good choice. It’s ideal for online banking, financial, and shopping use.

Kingpin has a PIN protection feature so if you have to leave your device for some time, you can hide all your tabs with a 4-digit PIN code.

Cons: It doesn’t save history and passwords so you’ll have to log into the websites each time.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is another popular browser and gives close competition to Chrome. It does not use Chromium based code. Instead, it has its own HTML rendering engine. Firefox supports add-ons similar to Chrome and Edge so if you want to switch from one browser to another, it will be easy.

Firefox has a clean interface that’s simple to use. It comes with all essentials such as bookmarks and password management. You can create multiple accounts along with a guest account and your data will be synced across multiple devices.

Firefox is developer friendly and offers several add-ons that support development. While Firefox usage has declined over the years, it is still one of the most popular browsers out there. With regular updates and fixes, this browser stays up to date with technology.

Cons: Bookmarks are difficult to locate.


Opera used to be popular in the days of Symbian. While it’s not that popular now, it’s still widely-known. It used to be Java based in its early days. Now it runs on the latest web technology. If you’ve already tried the above mentioned browsers and are still looking for something else, you can try Opera.

Opera is based on the Firefox code and provides decent speed. Opera supports Firefox and Chrome add-ons and comes with ad blocking and VPN support, which makes it a good option for Windows 10. It also supports syncing across multiple devices and runs on several platforms.

It allows users to pin shortcuts to reach their favorite links quickly. It also has inbuilt security that checks websites for virus and other malware.

Cons: It’s slower than other, more popular browsers.


Brave is pretty new in the scene but comes with several security features. For instance, it has ad blockers, pretty much like Kingpin. Brave is another privacy centric browser that runs on private mode. One unique feature of this browser is the paid surfing model. So when you use the browser and watch ads, you get part of the ad revenue.

You can block the ads or get paid for them. This way, you can earn while browsing the internet. You get to choose from several search engines when you use Brave. It also keeps coming up with updates and fixes so you can stay protected from malware.

Brave isn’t just available on Windows but also on Linux and macOS as well. While it’s not among the top three browsers, it’s a good choice for those who want another browser for their online activities.

Cons: It lacks many browser extensions


Vivaldi is another browser built on the Chromium project. It has the look and feel of Opera but it’s much faster than that. It is also a secure and flexible browser. It offers multiple tab features and allows the users to customize every window.

It allows custom shortcuts, mouse gestures, and bookmarks manager. It comes with ad blocker and avoids tracking. Vivaldi is highly customizable, which means you can have a personalized experience. It also allows split screen tabs, which allows you to access two screens at once.

It also has an inbuilt mail client and allows you to check your mails directly from the browser. With its notes manager, you can keep notes and set reminders for yourself.

Cons: It consumes a lot of memory.


Torch is a great option for torrent lovers. Some people think torrenting is illegal. But the fact is that torrenting is completely legal until you download files that are not protected by copyright.

Torch is Chromium based, which is why it’s another great option for torrent lovers. Torch has a media grabber tool that will help you multimedia files that are streaming on the web. Since it’s a browser that’s made primarily for download lovers, it makes sense to have a download accelerator. This neat little feature lets you download quickly.

And the best part about this browser is that you can play partially downloaded torrents so you can start watching a video even before it completes the download. It also comes with a feature called Torch Facelift that will let you change the theme of your Facebook profile.

Torch looks pretty similar to Chrome so Chrome users will find it very easy to use.

Cons: Apart from its downloading features, it’s a pretty basic browser

Sum it up

There are hundreds of browsers on the internet. However, most people need just two or three browsers on a device. The top three browsers discussed here are Chrome, Edge Chromium, and Kingpin. If you’re looking for speed and ease of use, Chromium is a good choice. And if you’re looking for privacy and security, Kingpin can be the right browser for you.