15 Best productivity apps for Mac for 2021

As a Mac user, you must have come across apps that claim to manage basically everything for you. From saving your time to handling your documents for you – apps can help you do absolutely anything. But not all apps are made equal. Here are 15 productivity apps for Mac that make life easier. From storing passwords to scheduling meetings and sorting mails, these apps are here to lend an uncluttered look to your system, your workspace, and your life.

  1. Evernote
  2. 1Password
  3. Kingpin browser
  4. Alfred
  5. Pixelmator
  6. TextExpander
  7. Backblaze
  8. Numi
  9. Lightshot
  10. NightOwl
  11. X.ai
  12. PDFpen
  13. Timing
  14. Newton
  15. Focus

#1 Evernote

For noting everything you possibly need. This app helps you create to-do lists, scan and save documents like coupons, invites, tickets, forms, format text, bookmark your edits and extract data from images. You can make it clip recipes, references, photos, and different web pages for easy access later. The free basic version allows up to 60MB uploads every month, while with a $7.99 premium version, you can upload up to 10GB and get the app offline.

#2 1Password

Forgot password? If you keep seeing this every time you try to log in, it’s time to store all your passwords securely in one place. 1Password generates new passwords, stores existing ones with encryption, and alerts you of security violations. And not just passwords, you can copy credit card details, usernames, and all confidential data here. It is available at $2.99 a month post a 14-day free test phase.

#3 Kingpin browser

To boost your productivity on Mac, Kingpin blocks ads and doesn’t store cookies. It rejects extensions and pop-ups so you can work without distraction. This also makes the browser lightning fast to help you finish tasks on time. This finds a place in the list of productivity apps owing to its speed and safety features. It is lightweight and provides a very private browsing experience.

#4 Alfred

Alfred is a one-stop productivity app for Mac users. Its clipboard quickly becomes the treasure trove of texts, images, and abbreviations. If you hate typing the same paragraphs over and over again, copy it once in the Clipboard and past it whenever you need. You can also recall items using its search tool check spelling and browse the internet. Alfred allows for customized actions that truly save your time. The pricing varies according to the features you choose.

#5 Pixelmator

This is one of the best image editing apps out there. Process your images with this lightweight, high-speed app. It lets you resize or crop images, add filters and even customize photo effects for the perfect selfie without eating into the RAM. It’s the next best thing after Photoshop.

#6. TextExpander

Hate typing out paragraphs on the keyboard? TextExpander does it for you. Like literally. It expands paragraphs based on customized combinations. You can create unique abbreviations that the app uses to turn out lengthy paragraphs. If there is a lengthy text that you need to type frequently, get TextExpander to do it. You will just need a little practice with your combinations. Priced at a little over $3 a month.

#7. Backblaze

For $6 a month, backup and secure all your files on the cloud. That means all documents and media on your Mac get uploaded. It’s the entire Mac on the cloud. You have unlimited space at a very competitive price. Back-ups protect your data in the unfortunate event of file corruption or hard drive crashes. 

#8. Numi

Here’s a calculator that understands math language. And that’s great because you don’t have to present the formula to it to calculate. Simple commands like ‘7 % of what is 17USD’ or ‘ $20 + 19 EUR’ or similar word-based input is recognized by Numi. It’s quite intuitive and saves you hours of thinking and finding the right equation.

#9 Lightshot

Do you take screenshots a lot? This app can capture the exact portion of the screen for you. It lets you add comments, and other items like arrows, underlines, and so on. The app latches on to your keyboard for quick actions and lets you save your screenshots on the cloud. It is a free Mac app.

#10.  NightOwl

The dark mode is here to stay and even Mac has it. However, the dark mode switch is a bit deep into settings. NightOwl makes it easy for you to toggle between the light and dark modes with a click. Now for the owl part. When the switch happens, you hear a hoot. A pretty fresh way to browse in the dark.

#11. X.ai

This app takes the pain out of scheduling meetings. It works with your email and calendar to schedule everything from a get-together with friends to a high-profile client meet. It frees up time for more important tasks.

#12. PDFpen

Edit your pdf whichever way you want with this versatile pdf editor. This user-friendly app lets you mark up the documents in various ways, eliminating the effort wasted in converting, retrieving, or saving files in a different format. A great relief for users who deal with PDFs regularly. At $74.95 for a single license.

#13. Timing

The app runs in the background to draw up a detailed report on how you use your time. It shows the things you spend your time on – social media and frequently visited websites, along with other useful bits of information on time usage. You can identify time wasting actions and improve efficiency. It is free for 14 days (trial) following which users pay a $6 a month (full version).

#14. Newton

Thin out inbox distractions with this email app. List unfinished email chats, revisit older conversations, find out if emails have been read, and enjoy the dark mode. Schedule emails, snooze them, and read your mails without sidebars. $49.99 per year.

#15 Focus

If you’ve caught yourself killing time on the web when you should really be working, it’s time for some tough love. Focus limits the time you can spend on a chosen list of sites so you can meet deadlines. Mac users pay $19.99 for a single license.

Which ones do you like the best?

So there you are. 15 Mac apps that maximize your productivity with minimal effort. These manage your mails, PDFs, images, chats, screenshots, math woes, and a lot more. Plus, with the Kingpin browser, you can save time even when browsing for fun. Which ones are you planning to install?