Why we built Kingpin, new browser with a focus on privacy

There are already many browsers on the market, why would you build another one? We can see an alarming trend in the development of the browser market. Chrome, Firefox, Edge browsers collect aggregated data and use it for their personalization. We are against it. According to Internet Trends 2019 study, 52% of people are more concerned about internet privacy that one year ago. That means people are getting aware that their privacy on the internet can be in danger. One of the answers on how to protect it is the Kingpin browser. Let me explain how it can help you be safer while browsing.

Kingpin, new browser with a focus on privacy
Kingpin, new browser with a focus on privacy

The browser that put privacy in the 1st place, for 90% of internet users.

You can enable private browsing and incognito mode in almost any browser. But how many users do it? How many of them forget to do it at the right time? Most of the mainstream browsers already include few privacy tools in their software. Still, they want to collect the user data, so that they hide them well inside of the settings. That results in the fact that the regular user is not able to customize them. As the basic rule of the IT world says, about 90% of users stick with the default settings. And when you browse the internet with default settings, that can be unwise behavior.

That’s why we decided to go to the opposite approach. In Kingpin, we set privacy as the standard. The regular user doesn’t have to do anything after the initial launch. The browser is already safer than using any other major browser. Incognito mode is set as the default. The browsing history isn’t saved, autofill in the address bar or searches neither. Downloads show in the download list only in the current session, cookies and tracking data are blocked. When you’re using the Kingpin browser, the amount of data collected by the website is the bare minimum.

We hate ads and you can bet we block them.

Internet users are frustrated with annoying and irrelevant ads. For internet giants like Facebook and Google, ads are the main source of income. These two interests collide with each other which results in the huge growth of ad-blocking. As of today, 30% of all internet public is using ad blockers. The download of ad-blocking plugins is growing each year to the record numbers. Google announced that Chrome browser will limit feature used by ad blocking software.

With the Kingpin browser, again, we took the approach that fixes the issue from the beginning. It is made for the majority of the internet population that does not have time, or ability to install an ad-block plugin. In the Kingpin browser, ad-block is on by default.

Never, never save your passwords into the internet browser.

If I can give you one recommendation that would be not to save your passwords into your internet browser. The reason is that someone can access your browser settings and display your passwords, or access the file where all passwords are stored. There’s a more thorough article about why you shouldn’t do it. This is a classic example of how people give up security in exchange for convenience. Don’t get me wrong, you can still use the applications that help you to simplify the input of the passwords. It just shouldn’t be your browser. There are plenty of specialized third-party tools, such as Sticky Password or 1Password.

That is the reason why the Kingpin browser does not ask the user to save any password. Moreover, it adds another security layer. When the user decides to use the security feature Kingpin button, he has an option to lock the tabs with the 4-digit pin code.


We understand that the Kingpin browser is not for everyone. It focuses on users who are aware of the privacy risks on today’s internet and are willing to minimize them. 90% of users are not able to change their privacy settings in the mainstream browser. In contrast, Kingpin browser set high privacy standard by default. The browser does not have any unnecessary features, it is built for privacy and around privacy as a core. You will not find there the option to add browser plugins, save browser history, or save passwords.

If you would choose between privacy and comfort, what would be your choice? For us the choice is clear, we don’t want anyone to look over the shoulder when we visit sensitive content. Moreover, the browser comes with ad blocking and security features that are easy to use. Download Kingpin browser now to try it yourself and let us know what you think.