Can I advertise, or sponsor Kingpin browser?

Yes! You can become an official sponsor and get an ad for $1,000 per month (which translates to about $10 CPM) and gets you ~100,000 ad impressions. We don’t do weekly packages. We choose to rather have a few great advertisers. Also, your brand should be relevant for the Kingpin browser audience.

Use the contact form at the bottom to set up a sponsorship.

How did the Kingpin browser get started?

In January 2019 in Prague in Czechia, three friends got enough of Chrome browser dominance and its privacy holes – and launched Kingpin browser for Mac on App Store. The browser got great reviews.
The Windows version was launched a couple of months later but did not get so much traction.
We started the blog to support the downloads of the software.

What is traffic now?

Kingpin browser website (kingpinbrowser.com) gets about 50,000 unique users per month and growing about +10% a month.

How do you make money?

Kingpin browser mostly makes money from App Store sales, each license is sold for about €10. The secondary source of income is sponsorship.

Why isn’t your browser also free for Mac?

Because we are bootstrapped company. No venture-capital.
We are cautious about the costs and trying to make the project alive from its own resources.
That often means slower development, but it is a more sustainable way to grow – and we like it.